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An insurance broker is an independent trader responsible for finding the most advantageous insurance contract that best suits his client’s needs. For this, he will study the different offers on the market and put them in competition. He will also act as a negotiator, particularly on warranty conditions.

The insurance broker acts as a real advisor for the insured , and is not linked to any insurance company. Whether you are looking for car insurance or home insurance, you can go through a broker to help you choose the best possible contract or to carry out all the necessary procedures, among other things. It acts only in the interest of the insured.

The insurance broker is not only involved in finding the best insurance offer. He is your adviser from researching the contract to its application. He is therefore the intermediary with your insurer in the event of a claim.

What is an insurance brokerage firm?

An insurance brokerage firm, also known as a brokerage firm , is a business made up of brokers, whether they specialize in one area (e.g. home insurance, auto insurance, etc.) or generalists. Today, you can use a brokerage firm owned by a large group, often international, or a smaller firm with no more than 3 or 4 employees.

Brokerage firms are generally accessible in two ways: in a traditional way by a physical appointment, and more and more, in a dematerialized way. When a few years ago the websites of brokerage firms were only showcase sites, today it is quite possible to do a good number of procedures online. Note that you should find out about the support and services offered before going through a brokerage company.

Before using any insurance intermediary, do not hesitate to check its registration with ORIAS (the body for the register of insurance intermediaries), as well as with the trade and companies register. .

What are the advantages of going through an insurance broker?

Using an insurance broker for your procedures can be very advantageous. Indeed, using its services allows:

Saving time: the insurance broker is an expert, connoisseur of the market and in constant contact with the various organisations. He will know how to find and compare the different offers for you. No more running to insurance agencies on Saturdays or trying to decipher the conditions of insurance policies on your own! In addition, he is constantly on the lookout for the products of various insurers: he is therefore aware of the novelties and specificities.

Saving money : as a professional, the insurance broker is able to obtain very advantageous conditions for his client: by putting the various companies in competition with each other as well as by negotiating, in particular the conditions of guarantee. Sometimes, the broker can even obtain preferential rates (therefore insurance premiums).

Ongoing support : the insurance broker is in charge of monitoring the contract and ensuring compliance with the clauses. He therefore accompanies you beyond the initial subscription, and defends your interests in the event of a claim. You will therefore not have to manage the situation yourself with your insurer! Having an expert who ensures that your rights are respected is a particularly interesting advantage that must be taken into account in the initial decision to use a broker or not.

An independent service : the broker is not attached to an insurance company. He will therefore not try at all costs to place one of his products. On the contrary, its independence guarantees you appropriate and unbiased advice.

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